@thunderbird L + ratio + green checkmark + don't care + didn't ask
@dhfir @thunderbird it's been a thing for a while, if you link a website with a link with rel="me" pointing to the mastodon account the green on your profile is green
i think it's a neat feature

@dhfir @thunderbird it verifies that a mastodon account is owned by the owner of a website, by checking for a certain link from the website to the mastodon account

@thunderbird thanks 👍

Now we can take this account on the Fediverse serious.

@cookie it doesn't have to but you may raise a feature request with MissKey. It's not exactly new hot *** :D


@bekopharm@social.tchncs.de Is an option, but it's also not something I care for that much that I wanna make a whole feature request for something that isn't life-saving haha xD :cool_felix:

@cookie so… don't complain then? :P

I mean rel=me and similar mechanisms are the only way to assert profile equivalence without relying on yet another centralized identity authority.

How else can you tell that profile X really belongs to company Y if they do not link to each other in a way any human can manually check?

@cookie this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

I saw Eugene talking about that and wondered where it came up. Nice.

@thunderbird hmm what's the difference between mastodon.social and mastodon.online?

@lamp@animesexual.community @thunderbird@mastodon.online Different instances, but all connected together to form the same fediverse. Just like you're on animesexual.community, it doesn't matter what server you're on, you get access to the same place.

@dwarf @thunderbird That I know. mastodon.online's description is "A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit"; I wonder what's the reason for a "newer" one and which one should people choose?

@lamp@animesexual.community @thunderbird@mastodon.online I think at some point it's getting a bit troublesome or expensive to have 100k+ users on one instance, I'm guessing load balancing?

@lamp social is overcrowded, so gargron started online as his second instance. I think he closed registration on social for a while, but later opened it again.

There is no difference in policy.

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