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So exciting! Hoping to see OAUTH implemented in k9/tbird for Android in the near future!

@k9mail That's wonderful news! I guess I'll have to get it from the Aurora store, since F-Droid apps generally don't include OAuth?

@thunderbird Does it mean @k9mail is going to be deprecated in favor of Thunderbird ?

@dada @thunderbird @k9mail what I understood from the blog entry: k9mail app will be updated and slowly adapted to match the branding of Thunderbird. So keep the app installed, it will transform to Thunderbird.

No. K9mail is going to be changed to Thunderbird. Basically a rename and a few more features.
@thunderbird @k9mail

@thunderbird @k9mail well, that's pretty exciting! As a loooong time k9mail user it will be sad to see the name change, but maybe it won't be too bad.

My only hope is it doesn't become a full email/calendar/contacts/tasks app like Microsoft Outlook on Android. Just email would be perfect thanks.

@thunderbird @k9mail @sebsauvage voilà de quoi mettre à jour ta liste dans le futur 😉

@thunderbird @k9mail Ähnliches Engagement sollte mal in die Chat-Funktion investiert werden und dort wenigstens die MOMEMO-Verschlüsselung zu integrieren.

@thunderbird @k9mail Well look at that, instead of making your own you are colaborating with something that's already out, open source, and awesome already! Good news all around if you ask me.

@thunderbird this is fantastic, but please keep the "K-9" somewhere in the name, I don't want it to get lost in time, and it looks like most of the K9 forum agrees with that

@thunderbird @k9mail great move! Been using K9 mail for years, it is a stellar mail app that ticks all the right boxes for me.

@thunderbird @k9mail

Plz make an icon with the bird transformed into a cyborg bird. That fits the most.

@thunderbird @k9mail Nice, my favourite desktop and mobile clients are becoming one. 😃

@thunderbird @k9mail

>K-9 Mail officially joins the Thunderbird family.

In other word, Mozilla is buying K-9... fuck.

Hope someone fork it if the Thunderbird spyware/crap come to it.

I like (and use) Thunderbird, but the fact that it loads a tracking web page when you start it, the fact that analytics is opt-out and the fact that it's a full browser is really shitty.

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Great news!
Will k-9 display tags added in thunderbird desktop? And allow editing of tags?

@thunderbird @k9mail also add the dark/black theme to the widget please. It's great news regardless.

@thunderbird @k9mail Hype! I love both applications and am excited for this next chapter!

@thunderbird @k9mail Whoa! Didn't see that one coming! Still, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. #K9 has been great for a long time, but short on marketing and funding. #Thunderbird has more recognition, but no #Android app. The two together could definitely be stronger than their separate parts. Plus, to be honest, I was wondering how long it would be before K9 got in trouble for the name/logo combo. This neatly sidesteps that before it's even a problem!

@thunderbird @k9mail A sensible choice! I love k9-mail despite its flaws on Android, and I love #Thunderbird on the Desktop. But, what am I going to use on my #mobile #linux desktop... mmh

@thunderbird You joined forces with @k9mail to release a mobile version (awesome move btw) but have you also thought about joining forces with a webmail project to release a self hosted webmail app or even it's own privacy focused e-mail service (which could be a source of revenue)? Just an idea! 😉

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