Caffe distribution changes a bit, it will now be distributed in 3 channels: stable, unstable, edge.

Stable is what Bottles will pick by default and is the most tested and know working. Edge is updated to the latest version of Wine.
Unstable are all the other versions in between.

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Did you ever dream about an extra, not planned, release of Bottles?
Well... your dream comes true! Today is release day again! 🥳
We addressed the great feedback of the GNOME Circle Team and 2022.5.2 has born. Read about it at
Do you like it?

Our presentation starts at 11:35 (CEST). Ready to find out what the future of WINE on Linux is? 🤓

👀 feat Jorge Castro and Rober McQueen a VERY good talk about Flatpak/Flathub!

2022.4.28 is one of the most important releases for the project is drastically better performance and usability ✌️


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