"The modern Russian propaganda state turned out to be the ideal vehicle both for carrying out mass murder and for hiding it from the public. The gray apparatchiks, FSB operatives, and well-coiffed anchorwomen who organize and conduct the national conversation had for years been preparing their compatriots to feel no pity for Ukraine."


- придумана мною модерна українська фонетична клавіатури.

- групування клавіш підрозуміває, що для англійської мови використовується Colemak
- фонетична розкладка в цілому, але з винятками де це має сенс для реалізації інших принципів
- використання тих самих клавіш із символами пунктуації, що й на англійській клавіатурі
- активне використання AltGr
- йотовані групуються з нейотованими
- врахування частоти вжитку літер і фонем

has embraced as its official ideology. However, Russian propaganda continues to abuse political illiteracy to justify its military intervention into Ukraine since 2014. Its goal is to plant the seeds of distrust in Ukraine as broad as possible.


And what about russian culture? Surely, it has nothing to do with the ongoing invasion? Wrong. It is the cornerstone of the imperialist mindset that led to and enabled the invasion in the first place.


At the same time, here is one more would be "C-replacement" contender, that looks much more interesting -

One thing that makes an immediate no-go for me personally, is copyleft licensing. Good luck to the team though, we will see how far this project goes in future.

Falling in love with again. What a marvelous piece of software!

If one reads Putin’s statements and writings about Ukraine carefully, one is likely to find some pan-Slavonic equivalent of Mein Kampf. The führer’s messages boil down to a few simple ideas: there is no Ukraine, it was invented by Russia’s enemies, Ukrainians are essentially Russians, and those who deny this make up “anti-Russia” – an existential threat to the whole “Russian World” that should be extinguished.


Here is how you can help without any hassle. The accounts listed are OFFICIAL, opened or backed by the Government of Ukraine to raise funds for the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Help to , in order to , save our families and the World at large from the brought by russian maniacs.

This donation, as well as asking your governments to send us more heavy armaments is the most meaningful way of how you can today.


The war has shown the world the real face of Russia, Putinism and Russian society. The previously applauded epitome of “Russian Civilization”, “The Russian System” and the “Russian soul” have actually turned out to be oxymorons. Anti-civilization, anti-system, and a ‘demonic haze’ is a much more accurate way to describe the current state.


Russia has been honing soft power tools for years. And did it successfully in different countries, not only in Ukraine. Russia is using every means to push and maintain its chauvinistic, imperial narratives in the world. Russia’s cultural expansion has often been a precondition for territorial expansion, military pressure, and terror.


Without additional weaponry, this war will become an endless bloodbath, spreading misery, suffering, and destruction. Mariupol, Bucha, Kramatorsk. Do you want this list to be continued towards EU? Nobody will stop Russia except Ukraine with Heavy Weapons. Please help us with Heavy Weapons.

Головне, щоб не повторилася ганебна істоія зі Стельмахом. А то знаємо ми цих великих обміняторів.

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