Welcome, Vivaldi 5.5 on desktop. 🎉

• A Tasks Panel to organize your to-do list (Powered by Vivaldi's calendar client and syncable with CalDAV)
• Easier Mail and Calender account set-ups.
• Snap layout support in Windows 11.

Get it now. 👇


Here is a video that our marketing department forced @ruari to make about web panels.

Good things

• He explains the feature pretty well
• He looks wildly uncomfortable 😄

Bad things

• The 🐦 site is used as an example instead of 🐘

(To be fair that was not his choice!)

Original video link:

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Did you know that you can add websites to our side panel?

This is a great way to keep track of important trends on Mastodon while browsing the web.

Did you know that has a feature that allows you to instantly translate selected text? This can be great here on the fediverse for those times when posts show up in your feed in a language you do not understand.

There has been a lot of talk of late on Manifest V3, webRequest, and ad blockers, and how it will affect Chromium-based web browsers like ours.

Here are some comments from Julien Picalausa, who wrote our built-in ad blocker.


We have had some comments on us being Chromium based. Some thoughts maintaining a Chromium variant by one of our devs, Yngve


Did you know that Vivaldi has a built in feed reader for RSS and Atom?

Did you also know that all Mastodon accounts have an RSS feed by adding .rss after the account name? Like this


So if you wanted, you could follow someone via rss/atom instead or in addition to a normal follow.

Why would someone do this?

• If you have a friend who is not (yet) on Mastodon, they can still follow you
• You can use fast, local search to find an old toot

Actually there are nice little proxy services like this for several popular social media sites, e.g. TikTok → ProxiTok.

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Bonus, bonus points. If you used to be on that other site (🐦) and you still have a friend or two there who you would like to follow. Setup a nitter instance (or use a public one you trust), look up your friend's handle and subscribe.


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Bonus points, you can also use the Feeds feature to follow Youtube channels (and play videos in the feed), without the need for a Youtube/Google login. 🤯

So… any Vivaldi fans out there? We are new here. Drop by and say hello! 👋


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