I also read some debates about whether the first and third were the same thing or not.

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From a quick Googling, it sounds like VIC40 means three distinct things:

* A successor to the VIC-20 that supported 40 column text.
* An add-on upgrade to the VIC-20 itself that supported 40 column text.
* An early internal prototype of the C64 before it was ultimately renamed before going to market

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Whatever happened to the VIC-40 and why does no one seem to talk about it much? I see it mentioned in passing but I rarely ever see anyone showing it off.

I'm thinking of porting qbsh to CBASIC2 for the Osborne but wondering what I should actually call it.

Great video from @vkc on the recent #Fedora Plasma release, which just happens to be the distro I use on my own laptop. 😛


Feeling like I need to take a break and "detox" from the internet in general but my dayjob is about keeping stuff on the internet alive and so much of my IRL comms depend on internet connected devices.

New video! In today's video, I try out the new #Fedora 36 #KDE #Plasma Spin. It's super neat and worth a look! One of the most customizable #Linux distros out there!

You can watch it on #Peertube here: tilvids.com/w/j9hWyorAAUcrsHGo

Even programs are like this. The file with be *mostly* there but have little corruptions of characters being off here and there so it won't load to MBASIC or CBAS2 without some frustrating surgery in WordStar.

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PIP has no validation and it also doesn't seem to grok the EOF bit consistently, so I need to send it multiple times, leaving junk in the end of the file.

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I know it's possible to do over serial with converting to hex, but I haven't been able to get it over with PIP without it getting corrupt in the process. I can get files from Osborne fine, but I have a catch 22 here with getting them on.

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My wife: Evanescence is just Nightwish on a bad day.


Looks like our account was hit with the oldbytes.space data loss event, so you'll need to re-follow again. So, let's try this again:


If you're a #BASIC programmer and needing a quick reference for a keyword, check out our wiki! It's wiki.qb64.dev/ + the keyword. For example, for DIM:


Shout out to the street musician in Old Town doing an up beat happy flamenco cover of Radiohead's Creep.

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