Working on the styling of the popup menu currently. The borders of the knobs are still wrong though. But it's amazing how easy the Tuix (soon VIZIA) GUI library makes styling. It uses a CSS like style sheet for all this.

Thanks to the author of the Tuix GUI library I can have colored shadows now, and I built a way to do the layout for the GUI in WLambda now, for more rapid prototyping! The counter is driven by WLambda under the hood.

The text entries were super easy to add. Now I can easily edit the denormalized value, the normalized value and the modulation amount in one popup. The styling is still off, but thats the next step to refine.

Today I've been learning how to use Popups and Textboxes from the Tuix GUI library/framework. Works so far, only a few things to figure out still.

The new knob widgets have a wide range of scalability. I can put them into any kind of tiny space if I like to. This will open up new possibilities when designing the new UI.

Implemented hover for the knob widget today. Progress recently has been slow but steady, wish I was on vacation again to have more time for this project.

After another day of coding, I ported the hex drawing code to the new GUI toolkit. Works pretty smooth so far, luckily I can reuse most of my drawing code 1:1.

Like the CQnt earlier, I had still to finish a few things on the DSP parts of HexoSynth before looking at new tasks. Such as finish documentation and automated tests for the "Quant" node.

Since I was touching the borders of what is possible with my cobbled together GUI toolkit HexoTK, and I knew someone in the RustAudio community had been working on a GUI toolkit too, I decided to try to port HexoSynth UI over to Tuix. It's a well structured widget based toolkit, and it will solve a few structural problems I've had with the HexoSynth UI.

Today I finished the color selection implementation. You can now successfully change the colors in the context menu and it's saved and loaded with the patch.

I reworked the color scheme again, to have more distinct colors. Which ultimately lead to brighter and more clear colors. I hope it does not break with the synth wave style too much.

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