@DrMohamedIrfaa1 gov't has a long way to go 👧⚡️

"The programmes include Graphics Design & Photography, Child Care, Care for the Elderly, Garment Construction, Home Management and television and video production."


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As software developers we use a diagnostic technique called "The 5 Ws" to analyze issues:

- Why did this happen?
- Why did the server crash at night?
- Why?!
- Why???

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Nice, the #EU gave #Mozilla money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!


Seems like are that companies aren't the ; they're the inside of the buildings

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the disaster recovery plans for quite a lot of companies....

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Don't confuse privacy with secrecy. We know what happens in the bathroom, but you still close the door. That's because you want privacy, not secrecy. Everyone has something to hide, privacy is something that makes you human.


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