Plain text is better, another post in my preaching to the choir about software minimalism.

I decided to make a yet another front-end for Google Translate (@metalune pls don't kill).

It's a bit more bloated but it works, I guess:

I made UI a bit more pretty and also added a Curlable API:
$ curl -d from=de -d to=en -d text='guten tag' http://localhost:5000/api
good day

The same is true for tooltips. I shouldn't have updated Qt today...

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$ git clone
$ cd tools

$ find -type f | grep -v \.git | xargs -i sed -i 's/pkg\.go\.dev/' {}

Will it compile?

Opening email:

Disroot: your account has been approved
Drew DeVault: patch merged

<happy programmer noises>

Need a better, respecting provider?

Just host Postfix and Dovecot yourself. You will be in control of everything.

Why I don't use encrypted email 

1. Most providers are blocked in my country.
2. They are proprietary, I can't spin off my own Protonmail instance and communicate with other ones.
3. There are no standards for this so (2) is not really possible.

If I need to communicate securely, I would use Matrix or encrypt mail manually with PGP

There's no good FOSS email client for Android so I decided to pull down my neomutt config and run it in Termux. And... it works really good. One small inconvenience is I need to enter password every time, but that's not a big deal.

1. "Forward this thread to me"
2. I get only two out of four messages.

Whom to blame?

I'm done with Goolag mail. Kicking off IMAP, messages delivering with 10 minute delay, selling me to advertisers. This needs to stop.

Now I'm waiting for pending registration

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