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Notice: I'm moving to @yyp so please unfollow me there and follow yyp instead.

Notice: I'm moving to @yyp so please unfollow me there and follow yyp instead.

Next time you need to add a newline to a string in shell script, don't use \n. It emits two literal characters: '\' and 'n' (at least in dash).

Instead, you can write a newline in a string directly or use it as a variable for cleaner code:


Github is amazing

<yyp> I can't even read the changes because of this Clippy stuff going on that there's no way to disable
<yyp> Much better: patch-diff.githubusercontent.c

My experiment of writing an IRC client in shell scripts kind of failed.

The biggest issue is storage of command parameters. Arrays can't be used as this is not POSIX, $IFS doesn't work with cut and using \n as a separator failed too.

At that point I was ready to finish the TUI but this params issue was the blocker for later actions.

If anyone knows how to implement this better, please let me know

I don't know why but writing something serious in shell scripts feels like writing code in C. And I quite like the experience so far

Me: it's time to write another IRC client!
After ten minutes: what am I doing with my life?

I should at least 'cargo check' the code before I push to CI!

Emac (verb) - use Emacs or use Emacs-like programs.

Emacs is mostly referred to GNU Emacs.

rant, code tutorials 

Why the hell do so many people think that it's a good idea to slap code snippets into wanky tutorials without indentation? That screenshot is from a flutter tutorial, but 85% of all android tutorial content also suffer from this problem.

Seriously, whenever I see code like this, my eye starts to twitch.

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