@yerinalexey Thank you for writing and sharing your point of view.

@yerinalexey ... and your post brought me to
"Services from PrivacyTools":

A suite of #privacy-centric online services

- Mastodon - Tracker Free Social Networking at social.privacytools.io
- Matrix - Federated private chat at chat.privacytools.io
- Discourse - Forum at forum.privacytools.io
- PeerTube - Decentralized Video at tube.privacytools.io


Thank you


There is actually a project that will provide a "joinmastoson" like site, that hopefully will be up soon

Sadly, joinmatrix.org is taken by privacytool.io and just dormant,

@yerinalexey Reasonable points exist for Cloudflare. The linked Cloudflare post is filled with inaccurate and out of date information. It’s fine to not like Cloudflare, but this bordered on misinformation.

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